Hello. This is my rather blank and unattractive web-page. I don't have very many resources up here at the moment, but I intend to add more later.

My Twitter! (Follow me: @not_kyon)

Moon (Best to think of this like a "children's picture book" without pictures.)
My stories in general (on GitHub)

Tenshi (open source Dark Basic-like compiler using LLVM)
Mk 0.2 (My make alternative! This is a download. Okay, I'll add a dedicated page soon...)
Mk 0.4-preview(2013-03-23) (A preview version of Mk. Added support for packages (auto-linked), unit testing, and a few additional features.)
Virtual Texturing (Various resources I've found and uploaded involving virtual texturing)
Donations (My donations page; it lists some projects I've done, not all though. I'm not asking for donations, but I'm not against them either.)
Contact Me (If you have questions or want help, I can be contacted.)